We have readers!

Fantastic news, everyone! We’ve finally hit that most monumental of milestones: someone has looked at my blog. That’s right, as of today, this blog has been viewed. And it wasn’t viewed just once, or twice, oh no. This blog has now had three views. I do believe that makes me internet famous. Were all three of those views one person accidentally hitting refresh? Perhaps. Did that one person stumble upon my blog by accident, and not actually read a single word on it? Entirely possible. Does this possibility in any way dampen my enthusiasm about my blog having received a view? Absolutely not!

Considering that I failed to find my blog on Google the day I started it, even by searching for Naked Window Writing WordPress, I think the fact that anyone found it is remarkable. So whether it was intentional or not, well done, three blog-viewers. Well done indeed.


In other news, I think I should start wearing mascara and eyeliner like all those handsome gentlemen in the music videos do.

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