2012 Olympic Games

My computer does this thing, on occassion, where I hit the backspace button, and instead of deleting the last letter I typed, it simply takes me back a page. No, computer. I did not hit the back button, I hit the backspace button. There is a very important difference. Anyway, I was just finishing up a lovely little post about the Olympics when I hit backspace and lost the whole thing. So it goes.

The main point of this post was that the Olympics are fast approaching, with the opening ceremony set to begin in London on July 27th. A secondary point was that I, like many people I know, don’t really care about the Summer Olympics.

This secondary point acted as a lead-in to the other main point of this post, which was my excitement over the fact that Matt Smith got to carry the Olympic torch. I then fawned over Matt Smith and the TV show which made him famous, Doctor Who. I also mentioned the fact that in an episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor carried the torch during the 2012 Olympic games (though the Doctor was, at that time, played by David Tennant.) I also pointed out that you very likely already knew this fact, or couldn’t care less about it. Then I posted this picture of a very handsome Matt Smith carrying the Olympic torch.

Picture taken without permission from this article.)

I went on to mention that Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, will also be carrying the Olympic torch.

I then concluded with some sort of delightfully satisfying line about watching our beloved celebrities carry the torch across England, and probably implied that we’re all very excited for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to begin.

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