Did something new today

So here’s what my past 24 hours have looked like.


Approximately 10:00pm last night: I venture into the kitchen and attempt to use a bread maker for the first time. It is basically a large box. You put some ingredients in, and a loaf of bread comes out. Very convenient.

Approximately 1:00am this morning: The bread is finished, I set it on a rack to cool and plan to go to sleep.

Approximately 4:15am this morning: I actually go to sleep.

6:15am: My alarm goes off. I mutter angrily under my breath and hit snooze.

6:24am: I stumble out of bed, take a shower, and eat breakfast. (Note: I am only assuming I ate breakfast. I was very tired, and cannot reliably remember whether that actually happened.)

Approximately 8:00am: My dad, my friend and I get into the back of a line. There are approximately a dozen people ahead of us.

Approximately 10:00am: Secret Service has had the line move back twice, and there are several dozen people wandering around in front of the “official” front of the line, claiming they are, in fact, in the front of the line. We are among these people.

Approximately 11:00am: The line begins to move forward. We are still in the front, but not quite as far in the front as we were at 8:00. We pass through metal detectors and empty our pockets onto a table, much like in an airport. (But without removing your shoes, and without the big TSA “haha I’m looking through your clothes right now” scanners.)

            We sit down in some grass about twenty feet away from a podium. It is very hot. It is very sunny. It is rather crowded. Small clouds tease us by drifting toward the sun, then sliding past it without providing shade.

Sometime after 2:00pm: The president of the United States of America walks up to the stage and talks. Thousands of people stand around in the hot sun listening and snapping pictures. I have a very good view.

Less than an hour later: The president of the United States of America leaves, shaking a few hands on his way out. My hand, sadly, is not among them.

Approximately 3:00pm: We get back to our car and go eat lunch.

Shortly thereafter: I get home and immediately fall asleep until 8:20pm.

In conclusion, today I saw the president. I’ve never seen a real, live president before. So that was fun.



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