New School year, New Blog Post, everything is new.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a new blog in quite some time. This is partially due to my laziness, but mostly due to the fact that school has started. This means that, in addition to having far too many credits of classes to take in a desperate and futile attempt to graduate this year, I’ve been busy moving up to a new house by my school.

The week before classes began I walked to campus to see how long it would take. It took me 40 minutes. The first day of classes I left about an hour before class started, just to give myself plenty of time to leisurely meander to my first classroom, and got to campus in only 20 minutes. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe I wore a different pair of shoes on Monday? 

I’m considering skipping the last half of my Astronomy class every Monday this semester so that I can get to Hoop Dancing class on time. It’s either that or go to all my real classes (You know, the ones I get credit for, and need to graduate) and simply not learn how to hoop dance. For obvious reasons, this sounds like a terrible idea.

In conclusion, more homework = less blog posts. Probably.

An alternate conclusion, more homework = more blog posts, as I love to procrastinate, and writing something that won’t be graded may prove to be an excellent stress reliever.

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