New School year, New Blog Post, everything is new.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a new blog in quite some time. This is partially due to my laziness, but mostly due to the fact that school has started. This means that, in addition to having far too many credits of classes to take in a desperate and futile attempt to graduate this year, I’ve been busy moving up to a new house by my school.

The week before classes began I walked to campus to see how long it would take. It took me 40 minutes. The first day of classes I left about an hour before class started, just to give myself plenty of time to leisurely meander to my first classroom, and got to campus in only 20 minutes. I don’t know how that happened. Maybe I wore a different pair of shoes on Monday? 

I’m considering skipping the last half of my Astronomy class every Monday this semester so that I can get to Hoop Dancing class on time. It’s either that or go to all my real classes (You know, the ones I get credit for, and need to graduate) and simply not learn how to hoop dance. For obvious reasons, this sounds like a terrible idea.

In conclusion, more homework = less blog posts. Probably.

An alternate conclusion, more homework = more blog posts, as I love to procrastinate, and writing something that won’t be graded may prove to be an excellent stress reliever.

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Did something new today

So here’s what my past 24 hours have looked like.


Approximately 10:00pm last night: I venture into the kitchen and attempt to use a bread maker for the first time. It is basically a large box. You put some ingredients in, and a loaf of bread comes out. Very convenient.

Approximately 1:00am this morning: The bread is finished, I set it on a rack to cool and plan to go to sleep.

Approximately 4:15am this morning: I actually go to sleep.

6:15am: My alarm goes off. I mutter angrily under my breath and hit snooze.

6:24am: I stumble out of bed, take a shower, and eat breakfast. (Note: I am only assuming I ate breakfast. I was very tired, and cannot reliably remember whether that actually happened.)

Approximately 8:00am: My dad, my friend and I get into the back of a line. There are approximately a dozen people ahead of us.

Approximately 10:00am: Secret Service has had the line move back twice, and there are several dozen people wandering around in front of the “official” front of the line, claiming they are, in fact, in the front of the line. We are among these people.

Approximately 11:00am: The line begins to move forward. We are still in the front, but not quite as far in the front as we were at 8:00. We pass through metal detectors and empty our pockets onto a table, much like in an airport. (But without removing your shoes, and without the big TSA “haha I’m looking through your clothes right now” scanners.)

            We sit down in some grass about twenty feet away from a podium. It is very hot. It is very sunny. It is rather crowded. Small clouds tease us by drifting toward the sun, then sliding past it without providing shade.

Sometime after 2:00pm: The president of the United States of America walks up to the stage and talks. Thousands of people stand around in the hot sun listening and snapping pictures. I have a very good view.

Less than an hour later: The president of the United States of America leaves, shaking a few hands on his way out. My hand, sadly, is not among them.

Approximately 3:00pm: We get back to our car and go eat lunch.

Shortly thereafter: I get home and immediately fall asleep until 8:20pm.

In conclusion, today I saw the president. I’ve never seen a real, live president before. So that was fun.



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Oh frabjous day!

Good news everyone! I finally got my custom-made, 46 inch, black and chrome hula-hoop today. After several hours of hula-hooping in the backyard, I can now successfully hoop around my waist, and pop the hoop from my waist up to my neck (with relative consistency.) Who knows what glorious improvements in hula-hoop skills tomorrow will bring!

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A Glorious Contest

You may have noticed I haven’t posted anything new in the past few days. This is because I have been in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia where I was learning about solar panels and aquaponics, hanging out with mad scientists, and building things with High Schoolers from California. But more about that in my next post. For now, look at this!

‘Tis a glorious contest which would allow me to sail around the world! (In this case, “the world” means South America, just so we’re clear.) What fun! What excitement! What a link you should click on so that you, too, can attempt to win a glorious voyage of epic proportions! Go forth, noble blog readers, and win!

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Four More Views

Apparently this blog got four views today, effectively doubling the number of overall views. So that’s exciting.

In other news, I think I should just become a cat. I stay up late enough that I’m practically nocturnal anyway, and I already spend a large portion of my time lounging about in windowsills. Also, I want retractable claws. :3

In conclusion, here is a woman playing  violin music in an ice castle, with a bit of a dubstep beat in the background.

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Iran, nukes, and AC/DC

I just discovered a news story called, “Iran Nuclear Facility Hit with Malware That Plays AC/DC.” So apparently some hackers sent malware to a nuclear facility in Iran, and “The insidious software prompted several of the group’s computers to being playing the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC in the middle of the night, at full volume.” It is my opinion that this is the manner in which warfare should always be carried out.

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A pouch

I’ve really got to start writing this someplace else and then pasting them into WordPress, because I just lost a post by hitting backspace while adding tags, again. *sigh* It’s so convenient to put the pictures in right here while I’m typing, though. So, take two.


I had some leftover fabric from when I made my hat, so I decided to make a little pouch out of it. Also, I discovered the French Seam at the bottom of this page the other day, and decided it looked like a grand idea.




So, I started off by cutting out a piece of fabric that looked something like this.




Then I folded it in half. That fold means one side of the pouch is done without any sewing! Brilliant! (I went ahead and sewed up that side as well, though, to give it a bit of extra strength and keep things looking uniform.) So, sewed the sides and bottom together.




Nicely sewed, basically done, but that seam looks a bit messy doesn’t it? Time to do something clever. (E.G., the french seam.)




Flipped it inside out, sewed the sides and bottom again.




Flipped in inside out again (flipped it right-side-in?) and just like that, the seams have disappeared.




…also this messy looking extra bit of fabric has appeared on the bottom of the pouch. But with scissors and a wee bit more sewing that’s easily fixed.




And it’s done! I didn’t bother doing any sort of seam on the top, because the fabric’s a rather nice sort that doesn’t appear prone to unraveling. Still need a way to close it, though…




Going to cut this into three strips and braid them together into a little rope.




Used a hole punch to stick some holes around the top of the pouch, then slipped the braided rope through it. Unfortunately, it was only long enough to go through half the holes.




More scraps! More braiding!




And we’re done! Here it is open.




Here it is closed.




What’s inside it? Nobody knows! (Probably magic, though. I bet it’s magic.)

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